Free trial month at the gym.

Same as last semester the board has decided to make the last month a free trial month (July only), which means you can work out for free! As you probably know we have two rooms one for cardio and the other is more like a regular gym.

If you still want to be a member after the period ends, you will just need to meet show up at one of our scheduled sign ups. New semester begins 1st of August. You will also receive an email with information regarding how to become a member.

Thanks to Ričards Tīrums we have today lunched the new webpage where you partly will be able to register online and find all the information you need about Skjoldpower.

If you want a free trial month please use this link and fill out the application form, and you will be granted access in the next couple of days.

A new board position

Due to the increase of member count in SkjoldPower the work-load had to be distributed among the current volunteers. Therefore during a board meeting in 2016 the board voted for a new position “Chip Master” who would be handling the user database and managing their chip activation for the fitness room.

This article has been re-published due to the websites migration.