Chip not working

There are few reasons why your chip might not work after signing up for SkjoldPower. (This troubleshooting does not apply for free trials)

  1. Your membership has expired. If this is the case then please see on how and when you can renew your membership.
  2. During the signup online signup you have submitted an invalid address. Please check whether the address on your confirmation email from SkjoldPower match with the address on your contract with Kollegietkontoret.
  3. The ChipMaster has not managed to activate them yet. He usually activates them within five business day from the day of signup.
  4. Your chip has been activated, but the caretakers probably have handed you out a chip which is not assigned to your apartment. (E.g. You live in Spobjergvej 5, but the chip handed out is for Spobjergvej 6.) So therefore please try to contact the caretakers and ask if the chip they have given you is correct.
  5. The system is down. When the system is down then the magnetic chips are not working. Unfortunately this is outside SkjoldPowers reach as the network is provided by bolignetaarhus
  6. The ChipMaster has made a mistake.

You may try to fix the problem by contacting the caretakers, but if that does not work, then please use the form below and we will try to solve your problem ASAP.