Why is there no information available in Danish?
There have been very few Danish speaking students willing to contribute for SkjoldPower. If you wish to make a change then you are more then welcome to join the board and make a change.

Where is, the gym located?
The gym is located at Spobjergvej 48a, we have both a fitness room for weightlifting and a cardio room for cardio and light weights.

Until what time is my membership valid?
Your membership is valid for one semester. If you sign up in the spring  semester (February, March, April or May), then your member ship is valid until 1st of September. If you sign up in the autumn semester (August, September, October or November), then your membership is valid until 1st of March.

How much does it cost?
200 kr. for the semester.

Do you accept MobilePay?
No. Currently SkjoldPower is not able to implement this system.

What are the gym opening hours?
7:00 – 22:00

What do I need to bring with me for the signup? 
200 kr in cash

Why is the light not working at the gym?
Lights work only between the opening hours – respectively 7:00 – 22:00. If you go outside those times then you experience darkness in the gym and during those times it is forbidden to work out.

I am not able to attend the signup, can I sign up some other time?
You might can schedule a personal signup with one of our enrollers. Please look at the current board in order to find your enroller.

How long does it take to activate the chip?
The chips are usually activated within five business days.

I have signed up but my chip is still not working
Please see the section: Chip not working?

My chip is not working after the five business days?
Please notify us here

I have internally moved in SkjoldPower. What now?
Please fill out this form