Rules regarding the use of SkjoldPower fitness room.

  • Always bring your membership card and a valid payment receipt and place it at the door.
  • Never bring people to the gym who are not members – this will result in an immediate ban from the gym, revoking of your membership and key with no refund or opportunity to renew your membership!
  • Use indoor shoes that you put on when you arrive at the gym.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Respect the maximum volume for the stereo (i.e. 25) in the fitness room and cardio room (i.e. 10).
  • Always follow a board member’s instructions.
  • Do not drop/throw/toss dumbbells, weights etc. – the floor has already been damaged and repaired three times!
  • Remember a towel to avoid sweating on the equipment. If you do not have a towel please use the paper towels at SkjoldPower.
  • Shirtless exercising and posing is not allowed.
  • Opening hours: 7.00 – 22.00 (7 AM – 10 PM).
  • The membership at SkjoldPower is semester based. (Autumn Semester: 1. st September – January, Spring Semester: of February – August)

Breaking the rules will as a rule of thumb result in suspension and cancellation of your membership without refund. Severe breach of the rules results in claim for compensation if it is relevant (vandalism or theft) as well as a complaint to the complaint committee and most extreme cases with a legal authority involvement. SkjoldPower will have video surveillance.