The board responsabilities


The responsibilities of the Chairman are first and foremost to make sure that the gym are up to date regarding the facilities and equipment to make sure high satisfactions for its users. He is also to make sure the internal standards are met for all the board members, so SkjoldPower as an organization continues to deliver at its best. Besides this he works closely together with the treasurer with the economy, so the financial goals are met when closing the books at the end of the year.


The treasures job is to keep track of the cash flow during the year. For the annual income SkjoldPower has a data base with all its current members, where it is the treasures job to make sure the number of people match the cash received during the semester/year. Furthermore, he makes the entries of the expenses related to the daily activity of SkjoldPower, which are used when closing the books end year.

Equipment responsible

The basic responsibilities are to make sure the equipment lives up to the standard set by the board. To do this maintenance is necessary, to keep the machines up and running.  As some of the equipment are expensive it’s important to schedule service for the machines when needed by our fitness supplier.


The enrollers are the guys whom you will meet during the sign up. Their responsibility is to register every single member during the official sign ups. Enrollers might enroll someone upon individual request, but then the individual wishing to signup has to schedule with one of our enrollers. For all sign ups there will be at least one guy who speak Danish, but as the gym are used by many international students we have made curtain that the enrollers speak English as well.

Chip Master

Chip master is responsible to keep the database updated with the current active members, and for activating your chip for the fitness room.


Alternates are the newest volunteers of the board. They participate in the board meetings and is expected to step up as a board member if a spot become available.

General responsibilities

Every board member is responsible to ensure that the SkjoldPower members are following the usage rules of SkjoldPower, as well as every board member is welcome to contribute in other areas of SkjoldPower, such as equipment installation, customer support, content development, bi-annual advertisements and in other creative areas in order to ensure a high operational quality of SkjoldPower.