Notable Sale: Heuer Autavia 2446C SN "panda"Today is seemingly vintage Heuer Autavia day on Fratello Watches, as we're providing you a double-dose (see our #TBT article on the Heuer Autavia 2446 "Jochen Rindt")!In the event you missed it, and also you wouldn't be alone due to the lightning fast sale, hen's teeth were located on eBay the 2009 week.  A so-called Heuer Autavia 2446C SN was listed at $20,000 and was apparently purchased by way of a prominent dealer having a best offer. Most pundits actually look at this an incredible bargain and potential values are already listed all the way to $50, jojo watches 000! For people not really acquainted with Heuer coding, this is a panda dial on the compressor-case Autavia designed with a Valjoux 72.The common dial, of course, became a traditional reverse panda and is also shown above due to onthedash swiss replica rolex .com. In line with a thread on chronocentric and some information added by both Jeff Stein and Abel Court, this is apparently your fifth known Heuer Autavia 2446C SN. Rare? Uh, yes. Controversial? Absolutely, and let's briefly talk about why…If you stick to the thread on chronocentric, titled "What a crazy, crazy morning for the 'Bay", you'll note that several heavyweights have opined about the white dials. I won't recount all the details, however it's a unique view.  Countless overweight people have stay consistent agreement that Heuer actually ordered these dials from Singer understanding that this piece comes with an authentic dial, but that no Heuer Autavia actually ever started life using a white dial. The truth is, no person can tell what these dials are: prototypes, marketing materials, samples, etc. could be possible reasons. Hmm…funny, in a vintage watch world so highly interested in originality, this seems and seems like an aberration.Could be the Heuer Autavia 2446C SN a grail or sacrilege ?It needs to be noted that vintage Heuer isn't alone on the subject of prototype dials. A rapid jaunt over to the Rolex Passion Report shows plenty of images of prototype-dialed Submariners and Daytonas. One lovely thing about a supposed free marketplace is it ultimately decides the authenticity, and value, these dials and, until now, there seems to be described as a healthy appetite for pieces much like the Heuer Autavia.The Heuer Autavia 2446C SN would've produced fine serial production modelPersonally speaking, I favor to "dance together with the one who brung ya"…meaning, I'm more faithful to the first intended designs, however i are evident the benefit of these oddities. For your completist collector watches , these pieces may represent the final prize. For the traditionalist, perhaps heresy! It is just another wrinkle within this multi-layered hobby that provokes discussion and interest. In the meantime, arrive at your own personal conclusions to investigate the seller's pictures, but something informs me that people haven't seen all of the this intriguing Heuer Autavia 2446C SN.2446C image is from onthedash.comAll 2446C SN images originate from ebay.com posted by seller "jewelrybymarcus". replica breitling watch uk
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